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Physics is a branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter. It brought an exhaustive repository of world class digital modules or lessons, consisting of 2d and 3d animations, graphics, audio and video on every subject in the k12 spectrum, which the teacher could easily access and project in the classroom that illuminated and explained abstract and difficult. At byjus, video lectures are provided for all topics in physics of class 12. Class xii chemistry defects in solids from educomp. Knowledge flourished freed from the centuries old bonds of books and chalk. Cbse class 12 physics chapter 1 by learnohub class 11, 12.

Educomp smart class,educomp smart class video,smart class. Wide range of videos of science, maths, english, social studies and more. Class 11 cbse board learnnext offers animated video lessons with neatly explained examples, study material, free ncert solutions, exercises and tests. Educomp smart class,educomp smart class video, smart class based schools in delhi. Extramarks is a leading educational technology company, creating student friendly digital learning solutions. Educomp smartclass is a flagship brand of educomp solutions, indias largest. Class 11 cbse videos, ncert solutions, study materials.

Physics atoms part 4 rutherford model cbse class 12 by learnohub class 11, 12. Extramarks is a leading educational technology company, creating studentfriendly digital learning solutions. Class 12 physics notes given by vedantu are a very reliable and trustable set of notes for the exam preparation. The pioneer just got better with the introduction of the smartclass 5. Our class 12 physics notes contain solutions for all the questions and answers pertaining to all the chapters in the book. In this educational content, the students get to know about the concepts of. Worlds largest digital content repository from kg to class12. Select class category neet experiments class 6 class 7 class 8 class 9 class 10 class 11 class 12. Tm teachnext consists of thousands of hours of unique content that is mapped to cbse as well. Introduction to the equipments and teaching in smart class room.

Pradeep kshetrapal who has worked so hard on these hightech lectures. Potentiometer physics class 12 part 1 by learnohub class 11, 12. Subject, smart video lessons of cbse approved books ncert. Educomp smartclass is the benchmark for digital classrooms. Class 122016 physics by pradeep kshetrapal youtube. Educomp smartclass also provide a large repository of 3d animated modules and videos mapped to school curriculum through its exclusive partnership with some of best content creators. Extramarks the learning app cbse, icse, ncert solution, jee. In this educational content, the students get to know about the concepts of sound with ease. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats. The eduvantage pro provides education in an interesting way to the students from kindergarten to class 12. The student must watch the video to imbibe the experience of it. Class 12 physics subject electric current, flow of electric charges in a metallic conductor, drift velocity, mobility and their relation with electric current.

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