Sp50 motorola programming cable and software

Premium quality motorola sp50 barcode scanner replacement battery. But, the gremlins had managed to lose my rib box and cable kits, leaving me unable to do anything useful with the radios i was given. This cable requires the use of a programming adapter pa2, or pa4 in order to function. Dtr series dtr410dtr550dtr650 user guide motorola solutions, inc. Successfully programmed a radius m1225 and a gr1225 with this and the associated interface cable for the radio with no issues what so ever. Forgot to mention that the sp50 programming cable is a cable dock the communications port is not in the mic jack like most radios. The motorola rdx series non display two way radios require the vox feature to be activated using the rdx series programming software and motorola rkn4155 programming cable. Summary of contents for motorola sp50 page 1 includes mmr106, april 1996 6880903z24a. Radios are programmed with either radio service software rss or customer programming software cps and an appropriate interface between the radio and computer. And with motorola s unique xpand tm technology, audio quality is clean and crisp in most environments. Our very own exclusive, bench made programming cable. We do not know where it is, just that it does exist. An overview of the motorola radio service software rss, the. This motorola sp50 barcode scanner battery is compatible with the original equipment.

Motorola gm300 programming software for windows xpview. They know how simple it would be to order the parts to compete with their price on the programming stand. This is the service cable for the gp300 series radios. Pws4008 radio programming interface rib box includes power supply, serial cable and instructions. Many people do not understand the parameters of the decision to go with a ribless cable versus a rib and one or more dumb cables.

Fyi, there is a program out there that fell out of a motorola lab that allows you to read and edit the gp300 codeplug directly. Where you can find codes in motorola mcu eeprom dumps. Highlights of the motorola sp50 portable two way radio. It is generally called gp utility or gp tools or something like that. Old, very slow computer around 100mhz seems to be optimal with at least 1 serial port running dos. Includes a variety of user programs and allows for. Motorola software, radio interface box rib and programming cable. Motorola programming cables, rib box adapters and new ribless cables ready to ship. Motorola programming cable gp300 gp350 p110 p1225 sp50 ebay. Motorola radius sp50 two way radio batteries from batteries plus bulbs. This article will not initially cover the cps product because i have never owned or tried to program a radio that used it. Trdio usb programming connect cable for motorola two way radio walkie talkie xpr3500e xpr3300 xpr3300e.

Sundely programming clone rib interface box cable kit for motorola saber astro spectra visar radio walkie talkie cm300 ht sp50 stx821 cdm1550 mtx838 rln4008 retevis rt87 usb programming cable compatible with tyt md398 retevis rt87 rt83 rt47 walkie talkies 1 pack. The p in the type field stands for portable, the a in the unique model package means the radio was included in a package with battery, antenna, etc. Ht750 portable twoway radio features due to the fcc narrowbanding mandate in the united states, product specifications and brochures for motorola solutions twoway radio products may indicate 25 khz12. This manual is actually thicker than the service manual, mainly because it has info for a complete newcomer to motorola programming software, including a tutorial on how to set up a computer, make directories, load software, etc. Provider of motorola programming cables, motorola usb programing cables, motorola ribless programming. The ht750 tm radio is the affordable solution for professionals who require a rugged and reliable radio to stay in contact.

Radio programming adapters, ribless usb programming cables. Ham radio license authorizing you to operate on the frequencies you intend to use. Many aftermarket non motorola ribs use different connectors on the ribtocomputer cable or provide a standard 9pin to 9pin cable. Its a program to monitor motorola trunking activities. Motorola sp50 service manual pdf download manualslib. Polarisusa usb ribless programming cable for motorola cp110, ep150, mag one a10, mag one a12, rdx rdu2020, rdx rdu2080d, rdx rdu4100, rdx rdu4160d, rdx rdv2020, rdx rdv2080d, rdx rdv5100, xtni, and xtnid. We have 2 motorola sp50 manuals available for free pdf download. Twowire surveillance mic for motorola cp200 cp200d xls pr400 ep450 gtx gp300 p1225 cp185 p110 sp50 radio lapel shoulder mic. It can be powered by a internal 9v battery not included or by using the 120v power supply included. User manual, service manual motorola sp50 service manual 65 pages.

Gp320 cable this one was going to be more involved contrary to the gm300, the gp3. Used this to program several older motorola radios that wouldnt support a ribless programming cable. List of motorola programming software part numbers. Motorola sp50 sp 50 sp50 dos rss programming software b03. Usb port cable ribless ht pro series radio to computer read and write programming cable. If you have an existing serial port on your computer, just plug your motorola rib to the computer and the motorola programming cable to the rib and your transceiver. Htn9059a 240 volt, uk plug, 3 hour desktop charger sp50. Desktrac series base station control station repeater ver. The xpr7550 is programmed with mototrbo cps and 14. Cables accessories twoway radio equipment radioparts.

It is kinda odd that an sp50 rss isnt seeing the rib andor radio and your running dos on a p1 120mhz i have programmed sp50s on 900mhz machine in the past. Select the product type you are looking for to filter the list of items. Polarisusa programming cable for motorola astro saber and. With respects to the factory type plastic support for the programming stand, it is a motorola part, but is not available from motorola. What version of software is needed to program the motorola fixya. The motorola 53863 earpiece does work with all of the above two way radios by using the pushtotalk button on the two way radio. Motorola ht with a fully charged battery or a battery eliminator 5. An overview of the motorola sm50sm120 mobile radios. Motorola sp50 programming the radio information board. View and download motorola sp50 service manual online. Motorola programming cable gp300 gp350 p110 p1225 sp50. Motorola radius sp50 two way radio batteries at batteries.

Ht pro cloning cable transfers programming information from one radio to another radio that has the same model and. You will find that when you purchase a polarisusa program adapter or cable you will very likely. I have worked with motorola equipment plenty of times, and have over the years purchased rib and cable kits, and rss and cps software to match. The programming cable on all the xpr radios is simply a usb to radio cable and can be made relatively easily with a usb cable and some enginuity. Programming your sp50 some of those knockoff socaled rib do not work. Motorola gm900 rss programming software hamfiles i also looked at technik programmierkabel.

This practical radio can easily help increase productivity by keeping users connected and free to concentrate on the job at hand. How to program a motorola sp50 youtube how to program a motorola sp50. We carry programming cables and software for many brands and models of two way radios at great prices, including baofeng, hytera, icom, midland, motorola, olympia, ritron, wouxun, tyt, and vertex standard. Designed for reliable performance and high durability, it is guaranteed to maintain 80% of its rated capacity. You will find that when you purchase a polarisusa program adapter or cable you will very likely never need to replace it. I inquired with my local moto dealer and they lent me a programming cable and i have a motorola account for the caps anyway. Some are cables, some are programming stands, i beleive the sp50 uses a drop in stand that. A newcomer to motorola radios has to first understand the question, then answer it before the purchase of his first cable. Programming stand circuit board, schematic diagram and parts list.

Polaris rib programming adapters are not motorola compatible. Motorola 3080486u01 power cable with strain relief. You need real dos, rss software was written way before windows and dosbox ever came along. You may want to examine all your cable setup from the com port all the way down to the radio.

Unfollow motorola sp50 to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Power the radio with jumpers then connect the ground of the programming cable pin 1 to the radio ground and. Sep 12, 2015 why youre not getting paid the streaming money you earned and how to get it sf musictech 2014 duration. I just got 10 motorola radius sp50 radios motorola axu4100 10. Apr 15, 2008 it is kinda odd that an sp50 rss isnt seeing the rib and or radio and your running dos on a p1 120mhz i have programmed sp50 s on 900mhz machine in the past.

Channels 2 or 10 coverage programming software allows adjustable power output for varying coverage average battery life. So the software may not even see the rib or the radio. Maxtrac rib programming cable motorola radio programming top view. The motorola radio service software rss that supports these radio models is sp50 is readily available on the internet and will only. Forgot to mention that the sp50 programming cable is a cabledock the communications port is not in the mic jack like most radios. Group is the following list showing what is the currently part numbers and version of software for many of motorola s most popular radios.

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