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Since the publication of the widely hailed first edition in 1983, the annapolis book of seamanship has set the standard by which sailing book is measured. Previous to that she did a circumnavigation, and now for the record books another, solo, nonstop. His book sailing alone around the world is still considered a classic. Sir robin was the first to sail single handed and nonstop around the world. Among many other races, in 2007 sir robin has circumnavigated again in the. Our first voyage was from germany to antarctica in 1996.

Jeanne socrates, occ member since 1999, has succeeded in completing a solo nonstop circumnavigation aboard nereida, her 38 foot sailing vessel. A world of my own and over 8 million other books are available for amazon. Over the next 17 years taonui logged 110,000 miles including two. Solo nonstop circumnavigation cruising in taonui 1996 20 windvane vs autopilot other solo nonstop circumnavigations this website is an archive of the sailing adventures of coryn and tony gooch on their yacht taonui. Socrates nonstop solo circumnavigation took 340 days. Robin knoxjohnston uk was the first person to circumnavigate the world under sail solo and without stopping. By noon on day 270, though, i was sitting 10 miles out from eastern. This is is knoxjohnstons tale of his first ever nonstop solo round the world voyage. Fresh from a delivery of sailing bestsellers and lesssellers, ive put together a list of the best sailing books. When i first started sailing offshore in my 20s, mostly working as crew on delivery trips, i found the same books aboard many of the boats, written by such great sailors as bernard moitessier, francis chichester, robin knoxjohnston, joshua slocum and miles smeeton. If you like lots of technical info and sailing jargon, this is. Top 10 sailing books to read in 2019 sailingeurope. A list of the best sailing books including memoirs, novels and biographies, constituting the most fascinating nautical tales ever penned. The first around the world sailing record for circumnavigation of the world was juan sebastian.

Cruising and sailing information gathered during a circumnavigation, including detailed notes on the red sea and atlantic crossing. Her account is both inspiring and a reminder to slow down, appreciate the beauty of nature, and be present with those you love. Singlehanded does not imply nonstop, so a singlehanded circumnavigation counts as such even with stops, as in joshua slocums voyage. The true account of the 20172018 solo nonstop circumnavigation by jerome rand aboard the westsail 32 mighty sparrow. Our list of top 10 sailing books couldnt be complete without this great book. A testament to endurance and adventure, this memoir recounts what life is like aboard a small sailboat during a 271 day voyage around the globe, alone and without stopping. After recently compiling a list of the best sailing movies weve seen, i was prompted into some related reading. Sir peter blake to set a new world record for a circumnavigation. Knoxjohnstons account of his solo circumnavigation conveys the rigour and the. I usually love sailing adventure books, and i know a fair amount about sailing, but this.

British woman, 77, becomes oldest person to sail around the world. What is it that makes someone want to sail alone and nonstop. Singlehanded sailing has become a major competitive sport, and there are a. Online shopping from a great selection at books store.

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