Nnbook cruise from cochin to lakshadweep

Cruise cochin, cochin lakshadweep cruise, cochin sea port. Most of the natives are followers of islam, with a smattering of hindus and christians. The fascinating group of about 1 lakh islands, located in the placid waters of the arabian sea, can be accessed by yachts and cruises with myriad luxury provisions. For all tourist purposes kochi is the gate way to lakshadweep. Coconut cultivation, fishing and coir making are the major occupations of the island people. Samudram package mv kavaratti booking lakshadweep tourism. Onward flights from kochi are available to most of the airports in india and abroad. It has 180 diamondfirst class accommodation options available. Lakshadweep samudram is a fiveday cruise to kavaratti, kalpeni and minicoy. Cruise is a popular mode of transport for those who wish to reach the lakshadweep archipelago. Our representative will meet you at lakshadweep passenger reporting center at willington island cochin between 10. An amazing guide for a cruise to lakshadweep in 2020. The mv kavaratti takes passengers to these islands, and they spend the nights on the ship.

The travellers can have a great time during the day where they can go angling, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. Cruise packages lakshadweep ltc packages lakshadweep. A trip to cochin is incomplete without a backwater cruise or a cruise around the city. Lakshadweep means a thousand islands, and it is located about 220km from keralas malabar coast. Lakshadweep island can be reached by ships and flights operated from kochi. Our representative will assist you with the boarding process. Lakshadweep tourism cruise ship booking lakshadweep. All 3 time meals breakfast lunch and dinner morning and evening tea or coffee. Agatti and bangaram islands can be reached by flight from kochi. Located 220 km away from keralas coast, a cruise to lakshadweep has always been not only a mere means of transport but a vacation in itself. Lakshadweep islands, comprising 36 atolls, islets and islands, is the smallest union territory in india. Lakshadweep cruise offers cruise ship packages, private island resorts, scuba diving, flight package, private yachts, samudram package, coral reef package, mv kavaratti ship from cochin, mumbai and goa. Lunch, tea and dinner will be provided in the ship. Directorate of port shipping and aviation, kavaratti lakshadweep location.

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